Centurysunshine Lighting Co., Ltd with CCTV Securities Information Channel Probed the growth of China’s manufacturing industry.


     Recently, the senior producer Yang Weidong and Zhu Hui of CCTV Securities Information Channel had visited Centurysunshine , discussing the future and tendency of China’s manufacturing industry and China’s new energy industry with the company’s president Zhu Anhui and the senior executives.

     Since 18th CPC national congress, the general secretary Xi Jinping has made significant discussion about the transformation and updating of China’s manufacturing for many times. He claimed that we are suppose to boost the transformation from China’s manufacturing to China’s creation, from Chinese speed to Chinese quality and from Chinese product to Chinese brand. From the poor and backward agricultural country to “China’s manufacturing 2025” strategy affecting the whole word, China’s breakthrough and fusion in some important fields and forward direction, such as information technology, new energy, new materials and biology technology, etc, has been causing a new round of industrial revolution. Meanwhile, it will have subversive effect on global manufacturing industry. We should seize the historic opportunity to be the participant and the leader of the new round of industrial revolution.

     Mass Chinese enterprises like Huawei and Zhongxing have rapidly developed since recent years, which is closely related to their emphasis on the research and development, and innovation by investing great amount of money for long hours. Innovation is the key spirit of a nation’s advance and a company’s blossom. We should be base on innovation, drop the old road of low cost competition, stick to green development and put the basis point of development into the innovation. Only making the enterprises to be the principal of innovation can China manufacturing gain market and future.

     By holding such persistence and belief, Centurysunshine has made its own progress step by step on the road of exploration and innovation. Nowadays, the company owns hundreds of different inventions and practical new appearance patents. We deeply know that only by mastering core technology can we grasp tomorrow’s initiative, see the company’s future, and turn China manufacturing 2025 into China creation 2035.

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